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Dolezal  &  Associates Law and Dolezal Player’s Agency  share a common  motivating  mission – to  do  what’s  right  and  what  is  beneficial  to our  clients.  Dolezal  and  Associates  Law  is  an  AV-rated,  multi-practice  law  firm  specializing  in  business  and commercial  litigation  among  other diverse  legal  fields.  Your  successful  legal  outcome  is  our  number   one  priority,  and my experience provides in-depth knowledge, talent and dedication. By  hiring Dolezal  &  Associates Law to protect your interests, you are giving yourself the benefit of highly qualified, experienced competitive  attorneys  who  will  leave  no  stone  unturned  to  win your  case. “WINNING”  is  the only alternative.

Dolezal Player’s Agency

Dolezal  Player’s  Agency  is  a  full-service  legal  and  sports  agency  that  can  help  players  achieve their goals, both on and off the field, at every stage of their career. Our team provides a full suite of  services,  including  contract  negotiation  as  well  as  arbitration  and  financial  planning  and management  where  needed.  We  treat  our  clients  with  the  utmost  respect  and  are  singularly focused on achieving results and long-term financial stability for them. Because to us, our clients are  family  and  we  aim  to  provide  personal,  unconditional  support  during  every  phase  of  your career and beyond. Ultimately getting  you and  your family what you deserve and want is what we will do for you. No excuses.

We are a full service law firm with a small firm atmosphere.

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